Thursday, October 1, 2009

Future Featured Artists

If you are interested in being a featured artist, please email me for more details!

We will cover: musicians, visual artists, and performers

You will need: A few images, an artist statement, and a completed interview.


  1. now that's a brilliant idea.... ;-)

  2. brad-
    there is/was an artist residency program in memphis tennessee called lantana projects. (you should be able to google them) that interviewed artists... and as the lowly intern guess who got that job? lol. also NIA Artist collective does the same. as well as Brothers Perspective online mag, we all be radio and my alum Memphis College of Art & Soulard Art Market. Yet, what shapes a featured artist section is what comes out of the feature. Are we talking about process or product? Are we asking questions that relate to the community as a whole or the vision of the singular artist. The goal of this featured artist section is to share the work (art work, community work and topics of interest) with those who need motivation, connection or representation.