Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Empowerment Experiment

Check out the enpowerment Experiment at their website! This was shared on facebook and had to repost!

"What's Our Experiment?
The Empowerment Experiment (EE), the Anderson Family publicly commits to live off of Black business for one year. National media covers The Empowerment Experiment. The Black community begins to act on their duty to solve our own problems and improve our situation in America by leveraging our near $1 trillion in consumer power. Americans, regardless of color, who understand that Black businesses and communities deserve to thrive, just like everyone else's, try to support and join the effort. Black businesses profit. Black professionals, too. Black children have more role models in their community from the business world. Black households and communities are economically empowered. Money spent in Black neighborhoods starts to work at solving the community's problems. The EE nation shows the world the true value and strength of Black business, Black talent, and the Black consumer/investor dollar."

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