Monday, December 13, 2010

Siphne Sylve Artwork @ Urban Art Retreat

Siphne Sylve is one of the exhibiting artists in "Which Way is South?" on exhibition at Urban Art Retreat. Her portraiture is outstanding. The work will be up until January 2011.

To view the artists work, please visit her blog at:

In the exhibition, "Which Way is South?," women explore's history, reconnect with their heritage, or tackle an aspect of their community that is strongly related to it's southern roots. The curator's goal is to reveal the deep lineage of pride, culture and political struggle that originates from our southern past. Through photography, paintings and ceramic sculpture, the work will speak from a Womanist perspective with Community, Family, Women's rights and Earth at the forefront.

To learn more about Urban Art Retreat, please visit:

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Artists Against Prop A

Artists Against Proposition A!

We ARE the city! • We HEART the city! • We ART the city!

Get educated and join our campaign!

● Our city is under siege by wealthy citizens protecting their own income! Proposition A on the statewide November ballot is a threat to the 1% earnings tax in St. Louis and Kansas City, and would prevent any other city in the state from choosing to create an earnings tax to raise revenue. Eliminating this tax would also eliminate one-third of the income of these cities, resulting in major cuts to after school programs, senior programs, homeless services, firefighters, police, street maintenance, and more. PROP A CUTS TO THE BONE!

● Cities would have no choice but to balance the budget on the backs of residents! St. Louis and Kansas City cannot sustain these budget cuts. Making up the lost revenue would mean tripling the sales tax, or raising property taxes by 400%. Increasing the sales tax would put an unfair burden on families with modest incomes by sharply increasing the price of necessities. Raising property taxes would put an unfair burden on citizens living on fixed or moderate incomes. We need to keep our city affordable for ALL citizens. And keep in mind that for many politicians funding for the arts is first to go. PUBLIC funding for arts is what keeps our culture democratic. If we only depend on wealthy elites to fund the arts, vibrant and diverse voices are silenced.

● Only the rich will benefit from eliminating the earnings tax. The earnings tax does not penalize the middle class. The earnings tax for a person making $50,000 amounts to only $500 a year. Remember, eliminate the earnings tax and the money will have to come from somewhere else. The campaign against the tax is funded by the very wealthy, who have blanketed prime-time television with misleading ads promoting Proposition A. Don’t be fooled by this false populism.

What can you do?

● EDUCATE! Tell your friends, family, and neighbors to VOTE against Prop A on November 2! This is a statewide initiative, so ALL Missourians will vote on how St. Louis and Kansas City will balance their budgets.

● CREATE! We are looking for artists to submit images to use in our campaign. Clean, sharp, clear images. Time is short but we can make an impact! Reply with your 300 dpi jpegs. The SOONER the BETTER! No later than October 18. (By sending, you are giving us the right to use this on materials and on the web. Please embed any credit you might want into the image.)

● GET INVOLVED! Want to be involved in our planning? We have all sorts of creative campaigns in the works and we need more people to make them work. Reply to this e-mail with your interest. And be sure to join our Facebook page: “Artists Against Proposition A”

For more detailed info on Proposition A, go to

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Educating For Change Curriculum Fair

6th Annual Educating for Change Curriculum Fair
"Educating for Community Empowerment"

Saturday, October 9th from 9:30 am - 1 pm
Roosevelt High School
3230 Hartford St. St. Louis, MO 63118
(Parking lot located at Arsenal and Compton. Enter through front of building)

Suggested donation - $5-$10 (K-12 students get in free!)
Register at the door.
See attached flyer and circulate this information....
Featured Speaker
Mia Henry and Asucena López, Chicago Freedom School
"Which Side Are You On?: The role of the adult ally in youth-led social change"
Table displays and exhibits featuring social justice education from educators (school and community based) in St. Louis including lesson plans, books, videos, resources, curricular guides and inspirational ideas for teaching and organizing for justice.
Hands on and interactive workshop sessions including:
Roosevelt High School Students Speak Out about their Experiences
Literacy Through Hip Hop: Educating Youth at St. Louis City Juvenile Detention Center (Rachel Tibbets - JDC)
Educational Advocacy – Planning for a Positive Experience (Caroline Mitchell, ABC's of Literacy)
Empowering Youth Voices through Digital Literacy (Annie Reichardt)
White Anti-Racism for Collective Liberation (Justin Stein, The Justice Institute)
Grassroots Organizing for an Independent Immigrants Movement ( Alejandra Juárez and Luis Magaña)
Advocating for Communities Against the School to Prison Pipeline (Redditt Hudson, ACLU)

Free locally raised, produced and fair trade food and drink will be provided to all participants by Bailey's Chocolate Bar, Rooster and Bridge Wine Bar & Tap House.
Sponsors: Literacy for Social Justice Teacher Research Group, The Literacy Roundtable, College of Education and Human Services at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Dean's Committee on Social Justice, College of Education, UMSL, School Sisters of Notre Dame, Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, Kappa Delta PI International Honor Society in Education, UMSL.

Visit our website at or call Kathryn Pole at (314) 977-7107 for more information

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

N'Namdi' Arts Center Opening in Detroit!

National artist Najjar is having a solo exhibition during the Grand Opening of the N'Namdi Center for Contemporary Art featuring his ten paintings created during his sabbatical in Detroit, MI. He will be on an artist's panel discussion, and conducting a workshop on his experimental drawing of charcoal as a wet/dry medium. Partially funded by Judge William Holmes Cook Professorship Endowment, SIUC School of Art and Design, and N'Namdi Center for Contemporary Art.

To find out more about the work of Najjar contact him at:

Najjar Abdul-Musawwir
Associate Professor of Fine Arts
Head of Undergraduate Studies
Southern Illinois University
School of Art and Design
Carbondale, IL 62901- 4301
(618) 453-3019 Office

Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Documentary + Panel Discussion on Nonviolence "From Selma to Soweto"

A Documentary + Panel Discussion on Nonviolence "From Selma to Soweto"

September 16 · 5:30pm - 8:30pm

YWCA, Phillis Wheatley Branch
2711 Locust St.
Saint Louis, MO

SEEKING ANSWERS to black-on-black violence in our urban core???

The Civil Rights Movement in the United States provided the footprint for change that brought down the South African Apartheid regime and can provide answers for the social change we seek today.

"From Selma to Soweto" is a new documentary by two-time Academy Award nominee Connie Field.
Join us after the documentary for a discussion on how nonviolence principles can play a big part in stopping violence in our communities today.

Youth will be introduced to The Young Ambassadors for Nonviolence Study Abroad Program that will visit South Africa in June 2011.

Panelists will be Charles L. Alphin Jr., Exec. Director of Building Life Foundations Nonviolence Center; Mark Albrecht, BLFNV-Certified Nonviolence Trainer, and Certified Youth from University City School District trained in peer-to-peer Kingian Nonviolence.

Building Life Foundations is a training center for the state of Missouri and surrounding states in Kingian Nonviolence. It is our intent to institutionalize and internationalize nonviolence. The center will also include or refer other programs such as job placement, G. E. D. preparation, substance abuse recovery assistance, HIV-AIDS education and awareness, transitional housing, job readiness, and life skills training for youth and adults.See More

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Memphis Music Women Part One: Phu'Cha & Butta

Weds. September 8, 2010


Time: 9 PM C/10 PM E/7 PM P

Call-in Number: 646-652-4593


topic: Memphis Music Women Part One: Phu'Cha & Butta

Featured & Honorable Guests...


About Phu'Cha (pronounced Future)
In her artistic prime, Phu'Cha's creative momentum has hit the ground running. Her sexy flow with her raspy southern twang, has birthed another signature voice that can be distinctly picked out by music lovers. Singing since she was a toddler, this saggitarius, seventy's baby, always had a genuine love for music. That era created timeless music that inspired her like The Isley Brothers, The O'Jays, Jeffrey Osborne, Commodores, Barry White and many more. Add a hint of Billie Holiday, Minnie Riperton, or Gladys Knight, you have formulated a neo soul, funky, but sultry movement with Phu'Cha's name written all over it

'Shine' The Official Video



About Butta
Artist Bio Hip hop artist and writer, "Butta", hails from Memphis, Tennessee. “She is a prolific rapper and spoken word artist.” -Tonya Denise Butler, Esq., LL.M. Her voice and flow have an inherent smoothness to them, thus the name: Butta. Her style of music is influenced by black power-house females like MC Lyte, Salt-n-Pepa, Lauryn Hill, and Queen Latifah to name a few. She has drawn on her many life experiences and lessons to create songs and lyrics that are empathetic to those who can relate. Not bashing on other female artists, but she brings a positive kind of realness and truth behind every word she “spits” no matter what the situation is.

She combines a fiery hip-hop flow and painfully genuine spoken word unlike what many artists have ever spoken.

As she is determined to strive for the best, she looks to her mother a Breast Cancer survivor as her inspiration through it all. Within the hooks of her songs, you’ll hear her with a soulful singing voice rooted in her gospel upbringing.

Butta has just completed her 1st EP, “Butta’s Permit,” which is currently making way around Memphis and surrounding cities. She’s currently performing at Open Mic’s and other similar venues to promote and distribute her CD. She has performed with group called, “Bread n Butta”, and written the theme song for The Professor Butler show, which should be airing soon. Butta has performed live with S. Poitier, upcoming R&B artist on his single “Living like a King”. She is currently working on the next album’s which will be her debut album.

In 2009 she received 1st place honors at the University of Memphis' Showtime at the Q-Apollo Talent Competition and the 2009 Blue TOM Records Idol Search Talent Competition. Those debuts led to a dramatic spike in her local awareness. “She has a strong kind of flavor and lyrical style that supersedes age, race, belief, or orientation”.

Tha Artivist



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Want More???
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W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Needs Your Support...Give To Grow The Movement!

See Also...

"Real Talk With Tha Artivist" TV Show On Memphis Comcast Channel 17

Mondays @ 8pm Central



Buy The Award Winning James Reese Europe: Jazz Lieutenant

*Named To The Smithsonian Institute's Jazz Books For Kids And Young Adults List*

Official Website:


Buy The Book @


Planning & Preparing For College

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***For More Info & Quotes Please Contact Us:
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The W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Group, Inc.
P.O. Box 752062
Memphis, TN 38175***

***Radio Free Dixie For The 21st Century***

Community Voices Heard

Check out their website at:

I first became acquainted with the organization Community Voices Heard after a woman and I sparked a conversation one early morning of the US Social Forum in Detroit this past summer. I am excited about the work that they do and thought I'd share.

Social Forum link:

Check Community Voices Heard out and below is the mission:

Community Voices Heard (CVH) is an organization of low-income people, predominantly women with experience on welfare, working to build power in New York City and State to improve the lives of our families and communities. We are working to accomplish this through a multi-pronged strategy, including public education, grassroots organizing, leadership development, training low-income people about their rights, political education, civic engagement and direct-action issue campaigns. We are currently working on welfare reform, job creation, public housing and other economic justice issues that affect low-income people, particularly low-income women of color. While we focus on welfare reform, we broadly define welfare activism to be multi-issue, and thus must include issues such as education, training, jobs, housing, economic development and other community issues. We fill a crucial gap in that our organization connects public policy with grassroots organizing and leadership development.

Operating Principles:

Community Voices Heard subscribes to the following values and principles to help guide us as we move forward in implementing our strategic plan and in expanding our work:

CVH believes that membership must have meaningful decision-making and control of the organization and the work we do.
CVH believes that base building is the foundation of what we do – we actively work to increase the numbers of low-income people involved in social change.
CVH believes that leadership development of community leaders is core to our work.
CVH believes that affected constituencies must represent the organization to power and be the key decision makers in the organization.
CVH does not do for people what they can do for themselves; we motivate people to do what they can do for themselves.
CVH is about organizing, not service.
CVH values, nurtures and supports women’s leadership, while welcoming all.
CVH is a multi-racial, multi-cultural and diverse organization that integrates and respects different groups of people and actively seeks to promote and develop leadership of people of color.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Exhibition Opportunity for Chicago Artists!

I am getting ready for the upcoming Chicago Black Artists Show. This is an annual event here at Liz Long Gallery at URBAN ART RETREAT. We celebrate Chicago Artists Month by offering this group show.
In future, I will include some images from our key artist in the show- James V. Allen. For now, I would like to extend an invitation to black artists living in Chicago to submit some images to this email address ( Please do not refer to a website but send actual images of your art. I will respond by sending you the guidelines for participation. Follow them carefully. There is no show fee. The deadline for getting art into the gallery is Sept. 27. The show will open with reception on October 1(1-4) and a discussion between artists and non-artists at 2 p.m. that day. There will also be a reception on Nov. 6 (1-4) and a talk that day at 2 p.m. the exhibit and sale will be on display through November 20 at 4 p.m. If you would like to participate, attend, or sponsor, please contact Liz Long Gallery at 1957 S. Spaulding Ave. Chicago, Il. 60623 by email.
Thanks, Dianna

Saturday, August 28, 2010

ReRooted: A traveling exhibition and musical performance

ReRooted: A Grassroots Traveling Exhibition and Musical Experience

When: Saturday, September 25th 2010 from 7-10pm

@: BlackStar Books and Café. 3211 Gen. Meyer Ave. New Orleans LA 70114

ReRooted is a culmination of soulful and socially just, artistic expression and performance. Our collaboration has been created by artists Siphne Sylve, Dail Chambers, Blue! and Brandon Tolson. In attempts to spread our community work, and creativity we are traveling to various sister cities. We are pleased to announce our opportunity to show in New Orleans, Louisiana. During our collaboration we will be documenting a long the way, to support please purchase a poster, artwork, jewelry and cd.’s. Check our blogs and websites for more details and to learn more about our experiences. You can also contact Dail Chambers or Siphne Sylve to book us in your city!

Through the arts, we can create liberating windows of exchange and dialogue!


Dail Chambers is a ceramic sculptor and installation artist. She is a jewelry maker, and craftswoman. She most recently founded Yeyo Arts Collective and Gya, an arts based cooperative business in St. Louis. The Community Gallery and Fine Craft Shop holds classes, exhibitions, cultural events, discussions, and tours. The space is run by Yeyo Arts Collective, which is made up of a well-ranged group of women artists. Dail Chambers believes that through the arts we can creatively voice ourselves, represent our communities, and reshape our society.

In this traveling exhibition Chambers will have on display a variety of mediums and wares, including her small paper works and jewelry. She is excited to share the cross-cultural connections of St. Louis and New Orleans from a creative perspective.

Check her out at:


Singer, songwriter, creative, musician and thespian, BLUE!, enjoys
making art that inspires people to be better people. She received
classical and jazz training at an early age and has been featured in
several ensembles, symphonies, and bands in the U.S. and Spain. BLUE! is currently producing her lively acoustic solo debut album "Nappy Kitchen" featuring the fun and witty singles "Stay In The Car" and "Mean People".She coins her genre "funktastic stank" which includes a combinationof rock, folk, funk, electronica, avant garde, and soul. As a vocalist and acoustic guitarist in the band A-List, BLUE! embraces the opportunity to work with amazing artists and reach wide audiences with a funky soul flavor that's all about nappy funktastic stankness.

*Be Peaceful, Be Love,*

Check her out at:


ARTISTIK APPROACH is a group of individuals expressing their creativity through a medium called music. The members are terribly renaissance, being that they are multi-dimensional in their artistic abilities: From painting to designing and from dancing to acting. When they come together with their musical talents, they come to it with an ARTISTIK APPROACH.

Artist and member of Artistik Approach, Siphne Sylve is an artist, illustrator, designer and musician. Brandon Tolson is a member of Artistik Approach and a design artist. He is the creator of our poster!

Check them out at:

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Resale Junkie

Are you one to be attracted to timeless pieces, interesting detail or unique creations?

Resale Junkie is a wonderful online vintage shop, located in St. Louis. Find her items here @:
Resale junkie will also be selling at the upcoming Gypsy Caravan @ Umsl Campus this Memorial Day weekend. The event is put together by and to fund St. Louis Symphony Orchestra.

In the image included here, I really enjoy the amethyst (especially since I am an aquarian) and the composition of the earrings.
Check out Resale Junkie for more info!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Cowry Collective

The cowry collective plans to make "change" through the practice of time shares! This small group, lead by Chinyere Oteh plans their first meeting at GYA @ 2700 Locust May 8th. If you are interested im attending please join us! Contact for more information.

THE COWRY COLLECTIVE Creating a positive network among people of African descent in the greater St. Louis area who practice the Nguzo Saba through time banking (exchanging your skills and services with others for skills and services you want or need)

I am excited about my new membership to the group.-Dail


This 1st orientation will give you the opportunity to learn more about time banking and how it will positively impact St. Louis and all members involved. Come and meet other members, fill out a new member form and join our Yahoo group so you can officially start making free exchanges for services you need. Bring interested friends and family.

More info about timebanks on Goodmorning America:

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Eugene Redmond @ Schlafly Library!

The St. Louis Public Library Diversity Writers Series PresentsEast St. Louis Poet LaureateDr. Eugene B. RedmondWednesday, April 7Writer's Workshop on the "kwansaba" (a poetic form he created) 6-7 p.m.
Poetry Presentation: 7-7:40 p.m.

Book signing follows the poetry presentation.Books and CDs available for purchase.********************
Professor Emeritus of English at Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville and the editor of Drumvoices Revue, Redmond is active in the local, national, and international writing community. In 1976, he became the first poet laureate named by a municipality. He was the 1991 winner of the American Book Award. The Eugene B. Redmond Writers Club was founded in 1986 in East St. Louis with writers Maya Angelou and Amiri Baraka serving on the board of directors. Under Dr. Redmond's leadership, the club continues to serve novice and experienced writers across the globe.

Wall Ball Saturday!

Jen Everett

Meet St. Louis based emerging artist Jen Everett and suppport those of us who are paving our way in the artist community in STL and nationally...

From Jen:

My art making process is driven by a background in architectural design and an appreciation for hip-hop culture. I am a photographer and mixed media artist, and I enjoy experimenting with a variety of techniques and materials.
I am motivated by an inherent need to create and to give voice to my experience as an woman of color. I am moved by all forms of creative self expression from dance to music.
My work is constantly evolving. I have always found urban imagery very honest and beautiful. I love to tell a story with photographs. When painting, it is usually in response to something I am passionate or curious about. Despite the medium, or whether it is literal or abstract, I always hope that my art evokes something in the viewer.

I love honest, thought provoking imagery. I enjoy documenting the ordinary things that we sometimes overlook, as well as the issues that people wish would go away. My goal is to tell a story and to question what we have been taught by society. When I am shooting or painting it feels as though I am working towards something larger than a well composed image or a true likeness. I hope that my work inspires others to look closer.

I will be participating in Wall Ball this month to benefit SCOSAG.

Monday, March 29, 2010

• • • • • APRIL IS NATIONAL POETRY MONTH!! • • • •SWG REWIND Just A Few Doors From Where It All Started in The Delmar Loop East. Come Unwind and Enjoy the VIBE and VOICES You Remember as We REWIND the POETRY REAL and Screen The Movie that your Ear Remembers.

Hosted by: DEREK 'D BROWN'Music Spun by: DJ WILLPOWER

Accompaniment by: THE BAND WITH NØ NAME (TBWØN)featuring- DAVID A. N. JACKSON - Percussion Ambience Etc. Voice, Poetry, SPW FLOYD BOYKIN JR. - Bass, Flute, Poetry, Spoken WordTRACY MITCHELL - Guitar, VocalsMARCUS LEONARD - Piano, KeysRODNEY THOMAS - Drums

Food Provided by:JUHARI'S CATERING -Mariquita DanielsDebut Poetry Chap Book Release by new author and SWG FAM - Ms JAZMIN WEBSTER "STUPID STUFF AND OTHER POEMS" -'Reading Enjoyment for Those who Appreciate Life.' OTHER BEAUTIFUL FACES and Familiar SPIRITS anticipated in the house - The Memphis (Florida) Crew -"Q", NAJA EMBRE • West Memphis, Arkansas' - Mikki Hooper a.k.a GRAN GRAN - Come bathe in the words, voices, warmth, hugs, smiles, and sounds of missed voices of family, friends, and community. Poetry • Music • Good Times • Memorabilia • Food • Fun • and Family. CD's • Books • Art • Jewelry • Oils • Vendors • & Artisan Wares will also be available for purchase. CELEBRATE POETRY!!!This National Poetry Month event sponsored and brought to you by: David A. N. Jackson - The HOTBOX Virtualclub.STL L.L.C. with support from The SWG FAM • FRIENDS • & FANS.In cooperation and collaboration with:• UHURU SALON • UJAMAA MAKTABA • AFROWORLD • THE GRIOT MUSEUM• EBC INVESTMENTS• DAIL CHAMBERS• LEGACY LIVIN IN THE STL• FIRST CIVILIZATIONS & othersADMISSION

$10ADVANCE ADMISSION per person may be purchased online via - Subject Line: SWG REWIND TICKETS See You there.And as always, - Be Peaceful Be Poetry

Convening at the Crossroads!

St. Louis just had an inspirational wave over this past weekend. We had our first arts convening. To learn more about the event check it out at ! We had a national conversation that needed to be discussed: creative process, the need for more community based inititiaves , relationships and plan of actions.

put on by RAC- Regional Arts Commission St. Louis

Friday, March 19, 2010

Heal Haiti

Memphis College of Art has organized a fundraiser to support Haiti relief efforts. Below is the information to contribute. If you are in the St. Louis area and would like to contribute together please send me an email.

The Memphis College of Art Student Alliance members are currently in the process of collecting funds in order to help bring aid and awareness for those affected by devastation in Haiti. Support can be provided in the following ways:
1. Bring baby formula and/or clothing to the Memphis College of Art front desk located at 1930 Poplar Ave Memphis TN 381042. Purchase a "Heal Haiti" bumper sticker or pin for $2. Please see the Student Services office or send an email to Purchase a Student Alliance Hoodie for $15, also available in the Student Service office.
All collected materials and funds will be donated to the "Sonlight Children's Home" in Port au Prince.
For further information please contact me or visit

Sunday, February 21, 2010

(un)Seasoned Craft Show

Please join us for our Craft and Conversation
Saturday, March 6th from noon 'til 6pm
1627 NORTH 19TH STREET (upstairs)

we are excited about our: Art and Craft Show
honoring Women Artists during Women's History Month...
"As Spring approaches our individual creative spirits come together as a group for renewed energy and creative growth."

Fiber Art by Jean Brantley
Fine Art & Handmade Jewelry by Dail Chambers
Candles & Hand Treatments by Alison Henderson
Handmade Jewelry and Accessories by Simiya Sudduth of The Speckled Owl Collective
Vegan Desserts and Artwork by Fannta Drummer
Craft & Art by Musician & Crafter Sallie DuMaine
with poetry by Andrea Richardson
We will have info on local arts initiatives and showing artwork of various artists in the community.
This is a FREE for ALL grassroots initiative hosted by Dail Chambers' Visual Art Studio and the participating artists.
Be involved in the St. Louis Arts Community. Come support, meet, and network with us! We are a diverse group of local black women creatives!

Although not required, please RSVP to Dail Chambers or reply to our facebook events page: (Un)seasoned ...and please bring a friend! PLEASE forward to all of your affiliated groups, listserves, calendars and friends!

featured artist: Jon Calvert

Learn more about St. Louis artist Jon Calvert

As an artist Jon suggest that black art is expressive in conversation, and has a position in creativity that is personally educational and observative. It's color and content is a presentation of awareness of life and topics of knowledge. His paintings represent the facets of black american lives. A native St. Louisian, Jon has illustrated a veiw of lifestyles through works that express ways of seeing cultures in creative ways. His theme,"Every Day Lifestyles," is an on going look at a generation admirably. Calvert tends not to the tedious detail, but to the illusion that we are a part of what is going on in the painting , making you ask, "Was I There?" Each painting is merely random images of everyday life in St. Louis, but each 'snapshot' makes us question what is the importance of preserving the common place moment verses documenting the spectaculor.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

upcoming opening

WE ON HURON is an exhibition of Southern Illinois University Carbondale School of Art and Design Faculty and Graduate Students.
Reception: February 12, at 5:30 p.m.
233 W. Huron, Chicago, Illionis, River North Gallery District.
Chicago stop on Brown Line "El". 15-20 minute walk from CAA Conference Hotel.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Visionary Awards in STL

It's time to nominate Saint Louis women for the 2010 Visionary Awards! Grand Center honors women in the arts by accepting nominations from the community and recognizing outstanding contributions in the Arts in the following categories:
Major Contributor to the Arts, presented to a woman who has made a significant financial commitment to the advancement of the arts in St. Louis. She also participates on arts organization boards and raises funds for non-profit arts organizations. (Past honorees: Helen Kornblum, Nancy Kranzberg, Donna Moog, Carol Staenberg, Mary Strauss, and Dr. Virginia Weldon)

Outstanding Arts Professional, presented to a woman who has dedicated her professional career to fostering creativity, and encouraging ongoing participation in the arts. She raises the profile of her organization by causing a widespread impact on the St. Louis arts community. (Past honorees: Sue Greenberg, Francesca Herndon-Consagra, Jill McGuire, Carol North, Cynthia Prost, Stephanie Riven, and Roseann Weiss)

Successful Working Artist, presented to a woman currently working and achieving great accomplishments in the arts. She has earned significant acclaim over an extended period of time and consistently displays excellence in the practice of her art form, enriching artistic expression and unique style. (Past honorees: Kathleen Finneran, Carrie Houk, Linda Kennedy, Joan Lipkin, Jackie Masei, Kim Massie, and Edna Patterson Petty) Outstanding Arts Educator, presented to a woman dedicated to providing artistic instruction to a range of students, as both a profession and lifestyle. She has made a strong impact on the individuals and community she has fostered through her role as an educator. (Past honorees: Lois D. Conley, Jessica Hentoff, and Jane Ellen Ibur)

Emerging Artist, presented to a woman who has demonstrated her creativity, budding talent and a strong commitment to building her career in the arts. She embodies the promise and hope for the future of the St. Louis arts community. (Past honorees: Jenna Bauer, Abby Birhanu, Jill Downen, Sarah Giannobile, Nicole Lemkemeier, Lindsey Scott, and Ashley Tate)

The purpose of the Visionary Awards is to recognize accomplishments made by St. Louis women in the arts; therefore, the nominee must be a current Metro-area resident who has lived in St. Louis for a minimum of three years. The award categories are open to all arts disciplines. The Selection Committee reserves the right to recognize nominees in the most appropriate category. To nominate, please complete the online nomination form, and then mail or hand deliver supporting documentation, to 2010 Visionary Awards, c/o Grand Center, Inc., 3526 Washington Ave., 2nd Floor, St. Louis, MO 63103. Nomination packets should be complete upon receipt at Grand Center, Inc.