Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Exhibition Opportunity for Chicago Artists!

I am getting ready for the upcoming Chicago Black Artists Show. This is an annual event here at Liz Long Gallery at URBAN ART RETREAT. We celebrate Chicago Artists Month by offering this group show.
In future, I will include some images from our key artist in the show- James V. Allen. For now, I would like to extend an invitation to black artists living in Chicago to submit some images to this email address (sophiebella@sbcglobal.net). Please do not refer to a website but send actual images of your art. I will respond by sending you the guidelines for participation. Follow them carefully. There is no show fee. The deadline for getting art into the gallery is Sept. 27. The show will open with reception on October 1(1-4) and a discussion between artists and non-artists at 2 p.m. that day. There will also be a reception on Nov. 6 (1-4) and a talk that day at 2 p.m. the exhibit and sale will be on display through November 20 at 4 p.m. If you would like to participate, attend, or sponsor, please contact Liz Long Gallery at 1957 S. Spaulding Ave. Chicago, Il. 60623 by email.
Thanks, Dianna

Saturday, August 28, 2010

ReRooted: A traveling exhibition and musical performance

ReRooted: A Grassroots Traveling Exhibition and Musical Experience

When: Saturday, September 25th 2010 from 7-10pm

@: BlackStar Books and Café. 3211 Gen. Meyer Ave. New Orleans LA 70114

ReRooted is a culmination of soulful and socially just, artistic expression and performance. Our collaboration has been created by artists Siphne Sylve, Dail Chambers, Blue! and Brandon Tolson. In attempts to spread our community work, and creativity we are traveling to various sister cities. We are pleased to announce our opportunity to show in New Orleans, Louisiana. During our collaboration we will be documenting a long the way, to support please purchase a poster, artwork, jewelry and cd.’s. Check our blogs and websites for more details and to learn more about our experiences. You can also contact Dail Chambers or Siphne Sylve to book us in your city!

Through the arts, we can create liberating windows of exchange and dialogue!


Dail Chambers is a ceramic sculptor and installation artist. She is a jewelry maker, and craftswoman. She most recently founded Yeyo Arts Collective and Gya, an arts based cooperative business in St. Louis. The Community Gallery and Fine Craft Shop holds classes, exhibitions, cultural events, discussions, and tours. The space is run by Yeyo Arts Collective, which is made up of a well-ranged group of women artists. Dail Chambers believes that through the arts we can creatively voice ourselves, represent our communities, and reshape our society.

In this traveling exhibition Chambers will have on display a variety of mediums and wares, including her small paper works and jewelry. She is excited to share the cross-cultural connections of St. Louis and New Orleans from a creative perspective.

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Singer, songwriter, creative, musician and thespian, BLUE!, enjoys
making art that inspires people to be better people. She received
classical and jazz training at an early age and has been featured in
several ensembles, symphonies, and bands in the U.S. and Spain. BLUE! is currently producing her lively acoustic solo debut album "Nappy Kitchen" featuring the fun and witty singles "Stay In The Car" and "Mean People".She coins her genre "funktastic stank" which includes a combinationof rock, folk, funk, electronica, avant garde, and soul. As a vocalist and acoustic guitarist in the band A-List, BLUE! embraces the opportunity to work with amazing artists and reach wide audiences with a funky soul flavor that's all about nappy funktastic stankness.

*Be Peaceful, Be Love,*

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ARTISTIK APPROACH is a group of individuals expressing their creativity through a medium called music. The members are terribly renaissance, being that they are multi-dimensional in their artistic abilities: From painting to designing and from dancing to acting. When they come together with their musical talents, they come to it with an ARTISTIK APPROACH.

Artist and member of Artistik Approach, Siphne Sylve is an artist, illustrator, designer and musician. Brandon Tolson is a member of Artistik Approach and a design artist. He is the creator of our poster!

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