Monday, January 11, 2010

Visionary Awards in STL

It's time to nominate Saint Louis women for the 2010 Visionary Awards! Grand Center honors women in the arts by accepting nominations from the community and recognizing outstanding contributions in the Arts in the following categories:
Major Contributor to the Arts, presented to a woman who has made a significant financial commitment to the advancement of the arts in St. Louis. She also participates on arts organization boards and raises funds for non-profit arts organizations. (Past honorees: Helen Kornblum, Nancy Kranzberg, Donna Moog, Carol Staenberg, Mary Strauss, and Dr. Virginia Weldon)

Outstanding Arts Professional, presented to a woman who has dedicated her professional career to fostering creativity, and encouraging ongoing participation in the arts. She raises the profile of her organization by causing a widespread impact on the St. Louis arts community. (Past honorees: Sue Greenberg, Francesca Herndon-Consagra, Jill McGuire, Carol North, Cynthia Prost, Stephanie Riven, and Roseann Weiss)

Successful Working Artist, presented to a woman currently working and achieving great accomplishments in the arts. She has earned significant acclaim over an extended period of time and consistently displays excellence in the practice of her art form, enriching artistic expression and unique style. (Past honorees: Kathleen Finneran, Carrie Houk, Linda Kennedy, Joan Lipkin, Jackie Masei, Kim Massie, and Edna Patterson Petty) Outstanding Arts Educator, presented to a woman dedicated to providing artistic instruction to a range of students, as both a profession and lifestyle. She has made a strong impact on the individuals and community she has fostered through her role as an educator. (Past honorees: Lois D. Conley, Jessica Hentoff, and Jane Ellen Ibur)

Emerging Artist, presented to a woman who has demonstrated her creativity, budding talent and a strong commitment to building her career in the arts. She embodies the promise and hope for the future of the St. Louis arts community. (Past honorees: Jenna Bauer, Abby Birhanu, Jill Downen, Sarah Giannobile, Nicole Lemkemeier, Lindsey Scott, and Ashley Tate)

The purpose of the Visionary Awards is to recognize accomplishments made by St. Louis women in the arts; therefore, the nominee must be a current Metro-area resident who has lived in St. Louis for a minimum of three years. The award categories are open to all arts disciplines. The Selection Committee reserves the right to recognize nominees in the most appropriate category. To nominate, please complete the online nomination form, and then mail or hand deliver supporting documentation, to 2010 Visionary Awards, c/o Grand Center, Inc., 3526 Washington Ave., 2nd Floor, St. Louis, MO 63103. Nomination packets should be complete upon receipt at Grand Center, Inc.