Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Native Style Cookbook by Ayida Honor

A beautiful mother, a socially minded artist and a spiritual creative: Ayida Honor has blessed us again! Her new cookbook is amazing! For all of us who are healthy living & family minded, Ayida has offered us an invaluable resource.

Native Style Cookbook is not only practical, it is healthy and convenient. To order her cookbook please visit her website at . The cookbook is available on ebook and easy to download from where ever you are stationed.

The most unique aspect of her cookbook, is the inclusion of family in the process. All of her 32 recipes are enjoyable for all ages, so get your little ones involved! In a time, when our time is shortened due to jobs, responsibilities, meetings etc. this is the perfect opportunity to commune with your young ones and spend quality family time.

Not only is Mrs. Honor a vegan cook, she is a dynamic force in online community work. She hosts a regular radio show on blogtalk radio and leads an online trade and barter group.
Trade and Barter Community for Families, Artists, and Creative beings:

In the "real world" Honor is an experienced healer. She is trained in midwifery and naturopathy. She is also a certified masage therapist! Check her out on her website, facebook, etc.

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