Thursday, April 1, 2010

Jen Everett

Meet St. Louis based emerging artist Jen Everett and suppport those of us who are paving our way in the artist community in STL and nationally...

From Jen:

My art making process is driven by a background in architectural design and an appreciation for hip-hop culture. I am a photographer and mixed media artist, and I enjoy experimenting with a variety of techniques and materials.
I am motivated by an inherent need to create and to give voice to my experience as an woman of color. I am moved by all forms of creative self expression from dance to music.
My work is constantly evolving. I have always found urban imagery very honest and beautiful. I love to tell a story with photographs. When painting, it is usually in response to something I am passionate or curious about. Despite the medium, or whether it is literal or abstract, I always hope that my art evokes something in the viewer.

I love honest, thought provoking imagery. I enjoy documenting the ordinary things that we sometimes overlook, as well as the issues that people wish would go away. My goal is to tell a story and to question what we have been taught by society. When I am shooting or painting it feels as though I am working towards something larger than a well composed image or a true likeness. I hope that my work inspires others to look closer.

I will be participating in Wall Ball this month to benefit SCOSAG.

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